Monday, 5 September 2011

un petit cadeau

Back to school (I mean intensive class at Johnson. no school yet. haha) -__-
Last night I texted my physics teacher. I asked whether I have to come at 8 for substitute class or not. and yea, no reply -_- This morning mom forced me to come to Johnson at 8, although I've said NO for a million times. (yea, million times. lol) And as predicted, just as I entered the class, my teacher said "no substitute class today. come again next week) and I was like asdfghjklasdfhjkl OMG WHY DIDN'T YOU REPLY MY TEXT AHH?? (in my mind -_-) and so I waited for 2 hours till the real physics lesson started..

Anyway, Hanny just came back from HongKong and she brought us magnetic bookmarks and some chocolates. :D Love them!
Took some random pictures
P.S. jut incase you're reading this, THANK YOU HANNY :) hehehe

byebye blog
xx, Christie♥

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