Tuesday, 6 September 2011


hello readers! :)
yesterday's monday, today's tuesday, tomorrow's wednesday, the day after tomorrow's thursday. hahaha D'oh what am I talking about -___- Everyday feels almost the same and it's lame. it rhymes okay, lol. I need a break. A break from all of these daily routines. I wanna be free from school in the morning, private lessons and homework! Don't you think so?  I need more holidayyy, maybe a week's enough. I wanna go somewhere special. Not somewhere like a shopping mall of course. I mean something like the refreshing mountains, beautiful beach and its blue sea... yea something like that ♥

Anyway, good news for me. No math class today cause the teacher's still in his holiday. lol yeahhh \m/ So we only had chemistry class at 10 today :D :D

jonatan, erickson, and arvin ;D
That picture above happened before chemistry class. They were preventing Edward from entering the room for no reason-_- but I think it's kinda fun too.. lmao.  boys are boys :b

Bytheway, Arvin brought us some cute bookmarks from Jakarta. hehehe

all mine. hehehe
my two favourite! ^-^
Maybe, just maybe you're reading this.. So THANK YOU ARVIN! love the bookmarks♥ hahaha :)

okethen, see you next post!

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