Saturday, 19 November 2011

the awkward moment when

the awkward moment when you just move to a NEW place

the awkward moment when you have to start studying again after about 4 months without school

the awkward moment when you have to speak English among your Indonesian friends because you don't want to pay 10c  ahahahaha okay continue...

the awkward moment when you have so many awkward moments to tell but you just have nothing to write -_-

Anyway, i just moved to Singapore. now living in acs oldham hall. arrived on 10-11-2011. umm okay nobody cares anyway. lol -_- just gonna post random pictures taken in the common room here. so enjoy :D

it's Vera's tarot card :D
which means you know this girl already right? :D

she's Emily. and this mountain of notes was given to each of us the first day we arrived here D;

 next to Emily is Patricia :)
this is the sweetest one! she's Honey :) lol jk say hello to Hanny xD
anddd finally this is a plastic of smashed macarons xD First time i ate macarons and i think i don't really like it. it's too sweet and not as soft as what i imagined. or maybe it's just the macarons i bought. hahahaha! anyway, do any of you guys love macarons? tell me what you think :)

see you next post! ;)

christie giovanni

Monday, 7 November 2011

pinky love

I'm gonna post some pictures of my mommy's dress. well umm, not in its "dress" shape. ahahahaha ;p here we go..

this fish is actually on the top part of my pencil, but i closed the bottom part of my flash so that you can't see the rest of it. hahaha :D

quote taken from google ;)

my hand (left) and mommy's (right) =)

anyway, maybe you can see that all the watermark is "" not "" because i actually edited them for my new photography blog. but because so many lovely people pop here, not in my other blog, so i post it here first. :D hehehehe

see you next post ! expecting more lovely comments! :) <3

christie giovanni

Friday, 4 November 2011


Just got home from my badminton lesson. phew :) and made some tea with honey!

The warmth and the sweetness is just perfect for a tired body. It's like an energy booster! hahaha ;)

slurrrp! :p
hahaha ♥ anyway, I came to school today before my departure to singapore on the 10th of this month. I miss my friends a LOT! :( It's been 5 months I don't go to school since i graduated from secondary 2 last June. I was awarded the scholarship to study in Singapore, so I'll continue my secondary 3 in January next year. :)

Anne gave me this cute bookmark at school. I love the quotes, the colours, everything! =) She is a very good friend of mine, and was a very helpful classmate. <3 Just maybe you're reading this, THANKYOU ANNE ! I'M GONNA MISS YOU SOOO MUCHIE ! :'( aaaa

christie giovanni

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

chibi manga


i love drawing manga characters since i was little, it's just that i haven't make any effort to master it yet. actually i'm still really bad at it as you can see -_-. hahaha. i just make it as a hobby when i've got nothing to do. hehehe ;b
so this is before i coloured it..
and after the colouring..
finished it in about 5 minutes. hahahaa :D

btw, thanks for the lovely comments <3 you guys wrote recently. All of them made my day =).. and also thanks for following me! :D see you next post!

christie giovanni