Thursday, 21 June 2012

Red as blood

and yes, this is really mine. lol :p so this is my first time buying a lipstick coz I would never want to wear any makeup unless i'm forced to do so. it's just so so uncomfortable and i think i look quite weird too -_- well, this is especially bought for handbells, my beloved co-curricular activity (cca) at school. hahaha

but no matter how awkward it is.. no matter how i hate the colour, still... pictures! hehehe :p

christie giovanni 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

flowers of life

Spent today with my friends again! :D
played badminton with 14 others at Shamrock from nine to twelve and then 6 of us headed to Thamrin Plaza for lunch. So yeah. Pictures!

sophia, jessica, cindy
jessica on the phone looking like a model xD lol

LUNCH! -banana split- yum :)
Also went to Timezone for Karaoke and games :D
Sophia and Cindy Haye
double Cindy :D

so when I transferred the photos to my laptop I realized that almost all of my photos taken today are SO bad/grainy.. and found out that I made the ISO setting to high :( sigh. anyway I had fun today so cheers! end of post. See ya! :)

christie giovanni

Friday, 8 June 2012

home sweet home

Christie in the house! yes. indonesia. home!! ♥ :D

So far life is good! Homework, projects and exams might be hectic, but awesome events following too! :) I might be just posting some random pictures as it is now almost 2am. say hello to panda eyes! hahaha :p

1. Christian Fellowship Camp
cycled to the beach just for the sunrise ♥   

my favourite jump shot!

2. Multimedia Club (MMC) Outing 
capturing the moon with super slow shutter speed and hand moves :D

meeting my ex-classmates tomorrow. can't wait! x)

Sorry for the super random post :( gotta sleep now bye!


christie giovanni