Monday, 31 October 2011


It's already 1.11.11 here in Indonesia. so, HAPPY belated HALLOWEEN everyone! and HELLO NOVEMBER! =)

the girl right there ^ ? yep it's me with the fading mascara and eyeliner. hahahahaha
sadly i can't post anything related to halloween coz basicly I didn't do anything special to celebrate it. :/
made this cupcake by myself. Notice the messed up icing in front of the bug's face? hahaha. it taste quite yummy actually ;) umm got nothing more to say, so bye!

christie giovanni

Sunday, 30 October 2011

i dare you

visited angela's home today. It's my first time since she moved to her new house at Cemara Asri. We watched some music video and running man episode 1 from her mac. and then here's the fun part, Angela, her cousin, and I went around the neighborhood. Angela drove the car. We ate some ice-cream and play the "dare" game. well, not really. I only played once and spend the rest of the time Laughing Out Loud xD I'm never good at doing crazyy stuffs, like going to an internet cafe and then asking a guy whether the tea taste good, or shouting at somebody from the car's window. big no. never ever.
but the laughing part was AWESOME though ;D

wore this outfit. first time since i bought it because i actually don't like wearing dresses. don't know what's gotten into me today. lol :p

adios! :D
christie giovanni

Friday, 28 October 2011

panda face

hello people!
I'm currently sitting in front of my computer with my panda face 0_0 . So here's the story...

I went to Emily's home on Wednesday. The plan was to do the task e-mailed by Ms. Julie with Emily, Hanny, and Felecia, but we ended up watching movies from laptop and dvd anddd eat pizza ;D We watched some episodes of running man first and then ate pizza and then watched green lantern. I went home before the movie ended because i have to go to my badminton lesson, not even 50% yet i think -_-
My badminton lesson finished at 9.30 pm which means i arrived home at about 10 pm. After taking a bath and others i watched The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko) till 4am . so that is whyyy i got this ugly panda face with dark circle around my eyes 0_0 hahahaha

The movie is in japanese and it's taken from anime. Loveee the movie so much! mainly because i like the major male character, Kyohei Takano. hehehe..

i like his personality, he often will say whatever is on his mind, regardless of the consequences. oh and the most important thing is that he loves food. i mean not just loves but LOOOVEES FOOD. I  LOOOVEE FOOD and eat a LOT too! hahahaha xD 

oh and by the way i cut  my hair on Tuesday.

which one's better? hehe :D bye!

Christie Govanni

Thursday, 27 October 2011

mission accomplished

hola! i've got so many things to write. this seldom (almost never) happens, that's why i'm never good at writing essays. took me hours just to figure out the idea. hahahahaha. anyway, i'm gonna separate my ideas into a few posts so that i won't end up writing a super long post and then not posting anything for the whole week. ;)

so glad my ballet concert went smoothly on the 23rd of October! my teacher said that she was satisfied with our performance. :D I performed 2 dances. The Chinese Peacock dance with my my previous concert costume and soft shoes and the Harmony of Love dance with my purple tutu and point shoes as the ending of the whole show. save the best for the last , right? ahahaha :b

I received two trophies in the end of the show. one for my grade 7 and the other one for my intermediate foundation exam. sadly both are merit :( but i'm still happy actually, i'm always happy everytime i receive a trophy or any gift. hahaha TEHEE
eh btw i've got a new blog, special for the pictures i took by myself. socalled photography blog or something like that. ahaha check it out okay ;) will be waiting for your comments!

 also took a picture of my face after my concert make up,before i did my hair

the specs make me look more mature ya? lol. annyong!

christie giovanni

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Tadaaa! succeed in making my own DIY heart shape filter. :D although the heart shaped bokeh weren't as beautiful as my expectation but nevermind, it's a big improvement compared to the picture I posted in my "EPIC FAIL" post. -shy- lol

anyway, I just changed my profile picture. i kinda love to use cross process effect lately u should try it sometime hehehe. okthen gotta go karaoke with dad and his friends. bye!

christie giovanni

Friday, 14 October 2011

happy birthday Buddy :3

hello i'm back !
It's 14th of October which is Buddy's birthday. If only he hadn't gone too fast. :( He was such a smart loving little fella

I love today. Basically because my stupid morning wish came true. hahahahaha. Last night I fell asleep while preparing for my A-math test. I studied less than 50% of the material so this morning I was like praying so that the test would be an open-book test. and it-just-came-true like that. lol

Oh and I've got the picture of my friend aka family of scholars year 2011-2012. Finally I can show you hehe ^^

Let's introduce. The guy wearing mickey shirt is Edward. next to him is Erickson, Arvin, and Jonatan. The girls in the second row are Hanny (black), Felecia (white), and Patricia (grey). I'm the one with the red thingy on my back and next to me is Emily. bye now

christie giovanni

Sunday, 2 October 2011


errr, not feeling well today. this stupid fever came just after I got my influenza vaccination yesterday. word that sums up today : unproductive. please get well soon, body. _/I\_

A random picture of me with the drum set at grandma's house. hahaha :D I know this is such a lame and boring post ahhh but thanks for reading my craps anyway. ♥ hehehe byee

"Supposing you have tried and fail again and again. You may have a fresh start at any moment you choose, for this thing that we called FAILURE is not the falling down, but the STAYING DOWN." -Mary Pickford

christie giovanni