Tuesday, 28 May 2013

be silly, be happy :)

since today has been a bad day to many of you, i really feel that i need to blog for some unknown reasons ahaha. don't worry, i've had mine too yesterday and many other days ;)

you know someone is special to you when they find a way break through your inner defenses. They get inside you and it just becomes natural to tell them things that you would never tell any human being. and they find a way to do of this gracefully, without tearing you to shreds because these things are personal, and they are sometimes deep scars. Those walls are there for a reason and we all have to take them down by our own choice and in our time.
the bottom line is though, when you find someone who will just listen when you need a shoulder, whether you ask for it beforehand or not, and they'll just sit with you through your tough times, that is SPECIAL. you know you've found someone who cares about how you feel, what you're thinking, etc and whether that person is a close friend or a lover, that type of person is hard to come by. Keep them close and NEVER take them for granted because if you have that, you are incredibly LUCKY.

it hurts to see that people you care about, don't care about you as much as you do about them. It hurts to see how your effort won't be recognized by them. but you know what hurts the most? it's realizing how much you try to make them realize what you do for them and they still don't notice. soo i thought sometimes you have to distance yourself from people to make them realize you don't always have to be there, and that you're not the one to be taken for granted. and then i thought i'm tired of playing the "too nice" game. people just simply take you for granted.

but thennn i complain about the smallest and stupidest things. i know i'm selfish, i try my best not to be. I am constantly blessed and it hasn't hit me fully until now. now that i think about it, i don't think i deserve any of this. i, TOO, take things and people for granted. well, from now on, that's going to change. i'm going to try to be as appreciative as possible. I know there'll be times where i get crabby and selfish again, but like i said, i'll try my best!
thank you God for everything; the good and bad :)

anyway, i actually just want to share the things that i usually do to cheer myself up and i hope at least one of them can cheer you up too :)

             1.  Make simple achievable goals every morning.
     Sometimes i think it's ok to cry till you sleep at night when things are just too much cause you need to let everything out anyway. BUT make sure to make tomorrow a better day. Don't let the horrible things or the jerk person yesterday affect your precious new day. they are simply not worth it. First thing to do when you wake up is smile and give thanks! be thankful you are able to wake up, be thankful you have a bed to sleep to last night, be thankful you have a school to go to this morning, etc etc etc. and then make a simple list of achievable goals of the day.Well for instance sometimes I make myself promise “I won’t eat apples today” so I eat pears instead! I know this may sound stupid but little things like this give me a sense of accomplishment and never fail to make my day. Be silly, be happy ;)

2. Give everyone your most beautiful smile
smiling does help, at least that's what i feel. even when you're at your worst, it instantly makes you feel a little bit happy, especially when the person smiles back at you (which is what most likely will happen). some people call this being fake, but i think otherwise. a smile may be a best disguise, but it's also the best medicine! //and perhaps that person is actually having a bad day too, so your smile just made someone else's day. :)  

3. Make someone smile today
take a little step and be someone's santa! xD little things like sharing your food, holding the door for the person behind you, writing sweet post-it notes, etc etc 

4. Do the things that make you happy
to someone like me, obviously, i will just open my secret chamber drawer under my bed or open the fridge and get something to eat. i also like to edit photos that i took or cook myself a nice warm meal :9 some other things can be like listening to your favourite music, singing, jogging,watching videos on youtube, tumblr, instagram or maybe just by giving yourself a beauty nap! haha

5. Be productive!
after doing the things that make you happy, don't forget to do what you have to do. homework? cleaning up your room? yep. just do something and feel good about yourself for being productive B-) (make a to do list and tick the tasks that you managed to complete to add to the sense of accomplishment)

there are simply sooooo many other ways but i think my post is long enough and you know i'm quite a lazy person :]y

oh and i found this on tumblr, not really relevant but i like it so yea haha :p

"Who am I, that I should degrade the value of another person’s words directed at me. I am selfish, inconsiderate, and ungrateful. With every “you’re beautiful” that leaves a person’s lips, I should accept with gratitude, for they are taking the time to let me know that at that moment in time they saw me as a beautiful being. 

So the next time someone tells me that I am beautiful, I will try to smile and thank them, no matter how awkward it may be."

and i believe that God never gives you something that you can't handle, so all the challenges that come into your way are actually there to show you how strong you actually are :)

andddd some random pictures cause i love picturess (what -_-)

McDonald's breakfast with roomies :D

picture with the principal

self-made oatmeal cake :9
Conformation :)

be silly, be happy! bye :p

christie giovanni