Saturday, 24 September 2011

The formula to calculate IDEAL BODY WEIGHT

Actually I've got nothing to write so I'm just gonna share something that you guys may already know.. ANYWAY, here we go. The formula to calculate IDEAL BODY WEIGHT.

You can use the formula below to calculate your ideal weight:

Ideal Body Weight  = (Height - 100) x 90%

For example: If you are 150 cm tall, then your ideal weight is (150-100) x 90% = 45 kg.
the above, you can compare the results with reference to the following:

  • Thin = The result of less 10% than of the ideal weight
  • Overweight = The result of 10% - 20% larger than the ideal weight
  • Obesity = The result of more than 20% larger than the ideal weight
So let's calculate our ideal weight, are you ideal yet? ;)

christie giovanni

Saturday, 17 September 2011

doe ray me far sew la tea doe

Me, Angela, Janis
Went to Happy Puppy Family Karaoke today with Angela and her friend, Janice. They go to the same school at Chandra Kusuma. Janice came together with Angela. We were supposed to meet at 1pm, but we're all late. I arrived at 1.30pm while they arrived at 2pm. So.. I was still "earlier" xD lol Waiting for half an hour in the car wasn't fun, but who cares! I finally get to meet my beloved bestfriend, Angelaaa <3 :D ahahaha

We used to be in the same class since primary two, but then we went to different school since secondary one. boo -_- Yea, we still met every Sunday at the English private lesson, but a few months ago our teacher got married, which means an end for our tuition class. an end for meeting with my bestfriend too :'( Also, this November, I'm going to Singapore for school, which means we're going to be separated even moreee aaaa

Anywayyy, before I cry. lol :p
It was quite funny + awkward for me there at first, cause I still got no courage to sing, eventhough I love to sing.. but Angela succeeded and made me sing. -___-  She's a good persuader. lol
I spent about an hour there and went home cause I still have to take uncle to the airport and then off to Ballet class. An hour passed so quickly ahh

the karaoke room
just wishing we can meet up again another day, next time with our other besties too, Myra and Sylvie! hahaha that's all, gotta edit some pictures. Adios!

Christie Giovanni ♥

Friday, 16 September 2011

Dance first. Think later.

Hello! :D
So basically I know, it's been so long since the last time I updated this blog, sorry for being such a bad blogger :'( *sigh*
Anywayy, do you guys love dancing? cause I do! not that I'm a good dancer or what.. hahahaha. I'm currently preparing for next month ballet concert. I'm gonna wear my point-shoes :D actually it's gonna be my first concert wearing them. extremely excited ! *yey*

I took the 2nd picture with my mom's scarf as the background. not bad huh? ahahahaha shouldn't mention this in my blog. tsk.Wish me luck okay :D , so I won't trip on the stage :/ lol byee

"You don't stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing."
Christie Giovanni

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


hello readers! :)
yesterday's monday, today's tuesday, tomorrow's wednesday, the day after tomorrow's thursday. hahaha D'oh what am I talking about -___- Everyday feels almost the same and it's lame. it rhymes okay, lol. I need a break. A break from all of these daily routines. I wanna be free from school in the morning, private lessons and homework! Don't you think so?  I need more holidayyy, maybe a week's enough. I wanna go somewhere special. Not somewhere like a shopping mall of course. I mean something like the refreshing mountains, beautiful beach and its blue sea... yea something like that ♥

Anyway, good news for me. No math class today cause the teacher's still in his holiday. lol yeahhh \m/ So we only had chemistry class at 10 today :D :D

jonatan, erickson, and arvin ;D
That picture above happened before chemistry class. They were preventing Edward from entering the room for no reason-_- but I think it's kinda fun too.. lmao.  boys are boys :b

Bytheway, Arvin brought us some cute bookmarks from Jakarta. hehehe

all mine. hehehe
my two favourite! ^-^
Maybe, just maybe you're reading this.. So THANK YOU ARVIN! love the bookmarks♥ hahaha :)

okethen, see you next post!

Monday, 5 September 2011

un petit cadeau

Back to school (I mean intensive class at Johnson. no school yet. haha) -__-
Last night I texted my physics teacher. I asked whether I have to come at 8 for substitute class or not. and yea, no reply -_- This morning mom forced me to come to Johnson at 8, although I've said NO for a million times. (yea, million times. lol) And as predicted, just as I entered the class, my teacher said "no substitute class today. come again next week) and I was like asdfghjklasdfhjkl OMG WHY DIDN'T YOU REPLY MY TEXT AHH?? (in my mind -_-) and so I waited for 2 hours till the real physics lesson started..

Anyway, Hanny just came back from HongKong and she brought us magnetic bookmarks and some chocolates. :D Love them!
Took some random pictures
P.S. jut incase you're reading this, THANK YOU HANNY :) hehehe

byebye blog
xx, Christie♥

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Strong Family, Strong Generation

Hello readers! It's been awhile. hahaha :)
4 days ago, which is Sunday, the 28th of August, my sunday school friends, teachers, and I went to Parapat to join a Family Camp for 3 nights and 4 days. We stayed in Niagara hotel. The participants weren't only from my sunday school, other Methodist churches join this camp too. More than SIX HUNDRED participants! :D There were children, teenagers, adults, and even old people. I met many old friends and made many new friends too. :)
the Niagara Hotel, I took it from a hill
the hotel swimming pool. I took it from the same place when taking the 1st pic
the way to get up the hill
my group meet up here everyday at 6.30 am :)
otw to the main hall (used for adults / special sessions where teens joined too)

Usually, children, teens, and adults are separated during bible sessions. There were 4 speakers (Pdt. Dr. Caleb Tong, Pdt. Agus Gunawan M.Th, Pdt. Prof. Kisnawaty Sinulingga, Ev. Frederika Christina Nanlohy). Teens were usually with Pdt Agus Gunawan, Pdt Sinulingga were only with us for 2 sessions. Well that's great cause I like Pdt Agus mostt ♥ He explained things clearly, told us interesting stories (mostly from his own life), and was a very good joker! hahaha :D

The teenagers were divided into 9 groups, using the names of the planets. I got Venus <3 hehehe.. My group consist of 12 members, including me. We played indoor and outdoor gamesI guess I can say that we were the luckiest group in the outdoor game time :D It was a lucky draw game. Each group were given a plastic of flour and a big bucket filled with water. Then, each group, took turns to pick a paper from a box. The committee had written something on the papers. Some were good stuffs (jackpot) and some were bad stuffs (punishments). If we didn't follow the written stuff, points would be taken away lol. We drawed 4 times.
First draw was quite unlucky..

the Pete I kept x_x lol

 We were given 28 Pete. I don't know the English word for it. hahaha. Pete is a very smelly fruit. After you eat it, your mouth will smell really bad when you talk. People said that you'll fart a lot too. ahahaha. So, my group members didn't finished them and FYI, I didn't ate any. lol
The 2nd and 3rd draw were the same :D

It was CRAZY FUN ! Like EPIC REVENGE! Moreover, other goups helped us too! lol xD
And umm we won 250points on the 4th draw. B) hahaha

The winners were announced on the 3rd day and our group won the 2nd place!! woohoo ;D We got snacks for the prize. ahahaha

Patricia and I

I guess I won't write anymore. So byebyee
infinite x's and o's ,
Christie♥ : )