Saturday, 17 September 2011

doe ray me far sew la tea doe

Me, Angela, Janis
Went to Happy Puppy Family Karaoke today with Angela and her friend, Janice. They go to the same school at Chandra Kusuma. Janice came together with Angela. We were supposed to meet at 1pm, but we're all late. I arrived at 1.30pm while they arrived at 2pm. So.. I was still "earlier" xD lol Waiting for half an hour in the car wasn't fun, but who cares! I finally get to meet my beloved bestfriend, Angelaaa <3 :D ahahaha

We used to be in the same class since primary two, but then we went to different school since secondary one. boo -_- Yea, we still met every Sunday at the English private lesson, but a few months ago our teacher got married, which means an end for our tuition class. an end for meeting with my bestfriend too :'( Also, this November, I'm going to Singapore for school, which means we're going to be separated even moreee aaaa

Anywayyy, before I cry. lol :p
It was quite funny + awkward for me there at first, cause I still got no courage to sing, eventhough I love to sing.. but Angela succeeded and made me sing. -___-  She's a good persuader. lol
I spent about an hour there and went home cause I still have to take uncle to the airport and then off to Ballet class. An hour passed so quickly ahh

the karaoke room
just wishing we can meet up again another day, next time with our other besties too, Myra and Sylvie! hahaha that's all, gotta edit some pictures. Adios!

Christie Giovanni ♥

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