Saturday, 29 June 2013

sweet tooth

ok just a short post (more like a food journal) to mark the end of my june holiday.

brunch at Jtown Cafe, Midpoint Orchard.
Martabak campur (keju, coklat, kacang) S$3.2
 Really loved the service, atmosphere and most importantly, the FOOD. So yummy really felt like eating in a cafe in Indonesia. Definitely going back for the bakmie and batagor :D

Afternoon tea at Waffle Town, Balmoral Plaza.
Waffletown's ginger honey tea,  Awfully Chocolate's rich chocolate cupcake.
 Tea was nicely warm but quite spicy (need to add more water). or maybe it's just me who doesn't really go well with ginger haha. Cupcake was also yummyyyy but maybe too sweet if i didn't have the tea along with it :/ hehe

Dinner/supper at Oblong, Balmoral Plaza.
sesame , banana+hazelnut icecream
 happy birthday Oblong!! Free flow icecream from 8-10pm only today. So excited when i found out from a senior's tweet. so i rushed and asked around who wants to go with me but most of them said "ahh too lazy lah" or sth like that -_- but in the end managed to go at around 9.30pm with 2 seniors! was quite surprised that we didn't have to make any earlier purchase before the free icecream. woohoo!
 oh and then rissa and karin joined us too ;D
 ate 5 scoops to myself (tarik the teh, salted caramel+pistachio, banana+hazelnut, sesame, durian) and tried 14 flavours in total. #fatkid #whatdiet HAHA

and then had supper (strawberry cheesecake and red velvet cupcake)  in the hostel as we celebrated Nhi's birthday during lights out around 11.30pm.

so basically i had sweet food ONLY today. felt so happy but quite guilty and scared now. i don't want diabetes. please. no.

ok bye now happy Sunday everyone! let's come back to school with a non-panda and non-zombie face (at least for the first day though) hahaha ok sorry

All the best for Os and As! God bless us all. :)

christie giovanni