Friday, 9 March 2012

march hols

hello peopleee i'm back! finally! hahahaha ;D

now enjoying my 1st day of march holiday before doing all the homework given by the teachers :/ lol
i realize my blog is so lame and not up-to-date. so sorry :(

anyway, i'm going to share some photos from Founder's Day :) It's on 3-3-2012. so.. our hostel (ACS Oldham Hall) invited about 13 other hostels for our Founder's Day Challenge. The girls played captain's balls and the boys played futsal. some of my friends were in the captain's ball team, but I was on my 1st MMC duty! woohoo B) My task was to take pictures hehehe

mass dance!
the futsal and captain's ball team
my grand-seniors :)
my seniors :)
the pictures weren't edited so the colours aren't so nice. why? just too lazy to do so. ahaha :b

that's all folks (Mr. Sim- my bio teacher always ends his class by saying that phrase. he's so nice <3) haha

see u soon, i hope! ;)

christie giovanni