Thursday, 27 October 2011

mission accomplished

hola! i've got so many things to write. this seldom (almost never) happens, that's why i'm never good at writing essays. took me hours just to figure out the idea. hahahahaha. anyway, i'm gonna separate my ideas into a few posts so that i won't end up writing a super long post and then not posting anything for the whole week. ;)

so glad my ballet concert went smoothly on the 23rd of October! my teacher said that she was satisfied with our performance. :D I performed 2 dances. The Chinese Peacock dance with my my previous concert costume and soft shoes and the Harmony of Love dance with my purple tutu and point shoes as the ending of the whole show. save the best for the last , right? ahahaha :b

I received two trophies in the end of the show. one for my grade 7 and the other one for my intermediate foundation exam. sadly both are merit :( but i'm still happy actually, i'm always happy everytime i receive a trophy or any gift. hahaha TEHEE
eh btw i've got a new blog, special for the pictures i took by myself. socalled photography blog or something like that. ahaha check it out okay ;) will be waiting for your comments!

 also took a picture of my face after my concert make up,before i did my hair

the specs make me look more mature ya? lol. annyong!

christie giovanni


  1. Congratulations! You received more trophies in that one night than I've ever received in my entire life! Haha. You look beautiful with glasses by the way. I always think my nose looks bigger with glasses on. Meh.

    I'd love if you could follow me!