Friday, 14 October 2011

happy birthday Buddy :3

hello i'm back !
It's 14th of October which is Buddy's birthday. If only he hadn't gone too fast. :( He was such a smart loving little fella

I love today. Basically because my stupid morning wish came true. hahahahaha. Last night I fell asleep while preparing for my A-math test. I studied less than 50% of the material so this morning I was like praying so that the test would be an open-book test. and it-just-came-true like that. lol

Oh and I've got the picture of my friend aka family of scholars year 2011-2012. Finally I can show you hehe ^^

Let's introduce. The guy wearing mickey shirt is Edward. next to him is Erickson, Arvin, and Jonatan. The girls in the second row are Hanny (black), Felecia (white), and Patricia (grey). I'm the one with the red thingy on my back and next to me is Emily. bye now

christie giovanni

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