Thursday, 25 August 2011

those little things

Had been reallyy BOREEEED these dayss -____-

that's how bored I am. LOL.
Last Friday was like the best chemistry class everr.Emily and I watched Nodame Cantabile The Movie from Emily's laptop. We're so called BAD students. muahaha. The movie was so funny plus it has cool music too.<3 so.. Emily lent me her flashdisk last Monday for me to copy to my laptop at home There was total 11 episodes (30 minutes each) and 2 special episodes (2 hours each). I watched 3 episodes on Monday, 8 episodes on Tuesday, and the last 2 on Wednesday. I was quite fast huh? B) Oh btw, surprisingly MOM joined me and love the movie too. I thought she was going to make me turn my laptop off. hahaha

Wonderingwhymybrainsuddenlystopscreatingsentencestowrite. I know you didn't read it cause you're just too lazy or blablabla. So if you'll excuse me..

Christie ♥

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