Saturday, 20 August 2011

the music in me.

Sorry for not writing in a few days.. I actually had my piano FINAL competition last Friday, August 19th 2011. =). The judges came all the way from UK. Both of them will perform this Sunday in our Announcement Ceremony. I really really have the intention to watch them, but unfortunately I have to attend Adam Khoo gathering in Piaget :((. Well, I played 3 songs:
  1. Czerny Op. 299 no.19,
  2. Haydn Sonata No. 37 in D Major, and
  3. Song Without Words by Felix Mendelssohn (my favourite :D)
I actually made little mistakes in all songs. :( but I don't really regret it. I've tried my best! (well not really.. I didn't practice a lot at home cause mom's the on forcing me to join this competition. And I usually do badly when I am forced -___-) Yea I'm so silly

the ticket :D

I took some random pictures on my piano today, here are some..
me ;)
It's 11pm here, gotta go sleep. Byee xoxo ♥ :)

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