Sunday, 14 August 2011

Scholars Day Out♥

So... we watched INSIDIOUS at Moviegoers (Cambridge). Actually I wanted a comedy movie but most of us agreed to watch this. And so I was like okayokay. Insidous ma Insidious loh. LOL
Emily and I bought some ice-cream. Emily's coffee and mine vanilla♥. Hehehe. Hanny ordered a plate of fries and the boys ordered some food too. (I don't know what food exactly)

I've watched this movie with my friends and coaches from Adam Khoo camp so I know how scary this movie is x__x So as we watched the movie, I put my headset on. MAX VOLUME. muahahah. It's better to be seen as a coward than having to spend night times at home freaking out by myself. LOL

Here are some pictures

this is Edward


Jonatan  (black) and Arvin (white)
We split up right after the movie. Felecia went home directly because she has an English course at 4pm. Hanny, Emily, Felecia, Patrica, and I have a walk in Brastagi supermarket talking about fruits, but end up buying nothing. :D Then Patricia went home, so Emily, Hanny and I went to J.CO and eat some donuts.

I have to say I failed to take the "many many pictures". Lol. I guess they're too shy :') , so I secretly took some pictures. Although as you can see nobody looked at the camera *sobs* , not bad luhh. Hahaha
I can say this was one of the best days in my life, I had quite much fun :))


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